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Needle Disposal and Safety

Needles sometimes can be found in places like garbage cans or on the ground within our community.

If you come across a needle, here is how you can safely dispose of it:

  1. Wear thick rubber gloves.
  2. Use pliers or tongs; never pick a needle up with your bare hands.
  3. Using the pliers or tongs, pick the needle up with the sharp facing down and away from you.
  4. Place needle into a sharps container and close the lid or a hard plastic or glass container with a lid that will close.
  5. Bring the container to any of the following locations:
    Any Health Unit Site during business hours.
    Return used needles to the black boxes located outside the Brockville, Gananoque, Smiths Falls and Almonte Health Unit sites, as well as in Lower Reach Park in Smiths Falls (main parking lot off Jasper Avenue) at anytime.

If you do not want to pick up a needle, you can call 1-800-660-5853 for more information.

If you get poked by a needle, follow Step 1 of the 5 Step Quick Reference Post Exposure Prophylaxis document (P.E.P.).


Found a Needle in the Community?

If you have found a needle in the community we would like to know about it. Fill out our online form to report the found needle. The information provided will help in the planning of activities to reduce the number of needles found in the community.