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Physical Activity & Rest

Physical activity greatly affects our overall health and mental wellbeing.  Look for ways to enjoy being active, get quality sleep and manage your time spent on devices. Improving strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health is good for all ages. Physical Activity in Pregnancy is also important for the health of mom and baby.

As we age physical activity can help you be in control of your health. Learn more here at Frailty Matters where they share examples of activities you can do regardless of your age and abilities.

Tips for getting active at different ages:

See the ParticipACTION links below:

Getting outside and into nature is part of being active. Being outside in nature has many benefits:

  • Less anxiety, stress and depression as nature helps calm the brain
  • More activity, as people tend to sit less and move more and for longer outside
  • Kids become stronger, more coordinated and have better balance
  • Improved focus, concentration and creativity, as the sights, smells and sounds of nature help restore balance in our body.
  • Improved sleep as the sun helps to regulate our sleep patterns

With the Changing Climate it is even more important to make sure you check the weather, UV index and air quality to determine how to dress, where to be active and how to prepare for whatever the weather brings. This includes protecting yourself from the sun to reduce your skin cancer risk.

Explore what is happening in your community such as local trails and other recreational activities and events available near you. Check out your local Municipal website to see what recreation activities are available near you.