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Physical Activity & Rest

Why Be Active?

Regular physical activity helps to build a healthy body and mind. A mix of activities that build strength, heart health, as well as balance and coordination, is best for all ages.

Being Outdoors in Nature

Being outdoors in nature has an important added benefit of calming the brain, increasing creativity, enhancing learning and decreasing anger and aggression.

Be Active in All Seasons

Enjoy the different seasons. In the summer, there are many water and land activities we can safely enjoy. In the fall, we can enjoy the trails and the beautiful fall colours. In the winter, there are many activities that we can do in the snow and on ice. Don’t forget to practice sun safety when being active outdoors.

Finding Low and No Cost Activities in your area maybe a challenge; here is a place to start.

Safe Places to Be Active

Sometimes the barrier to being active is not feeling safe to walk or cycle in your community. Learn how to feel safer being active in your community and get involved in helping create a more physically active place for you to live, work and play. Find a way to be more active at work. If you enjoy walking, consider participating in or starting up a walking club.

If you want to help your children walk or bike to school learn more about active school travel in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark.