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Emergency Preparedness

Community Hazard Information

Stressful incidents and emergencies are not always predictable. When they occur they affect our communities and our loved ones. You can reduce the impact on you and your family by being aware of the hazards that are the most likely to occur in your community and knowing how to prepare for them. The Health Unit works with our local municipalities to reduce the effects of these hazards on residents.

What Types of Natural Hazards Are Likely to Affect Our Communities?

In Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Counties the following hazards are likely to occur from time to time:

Check with your municipality for more information on the history of hazards in your community.

What Types of Man-made Hazards Do I Need to Be Aware of?

Manmade hazards are more difficult to predict. While you don’t want to live in fear, you do want to be informed on ways of protecting yourself and those around you. For further information on the following manmade hazards follow the links below:

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Conservation Authorities

Conservation Authorities forecast local flooding and drought conditions. We recommend that you monitor these website to understand the situation in your community.