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Recreational Water

Enjoying our local bodies of water, public pools and public spas helps keep us active and enjoy the benefits of being outside. Our Public Health Inspectors inspect our local beaches, public pools, spas, splash pads and wading pools to make sure that they are safe for our local citizens to use. Occasionally the conditions of a recreational water facility are not safe when this happens the Health Unit posts a notice at our beaches, on our website, or a closed sign at entrances to pools, spas until such time as the conditions improve.

Public Beaches

Public beaches include any public bathing area owned/operated and designated by a municipality as a swimming area. Beaches are inspected weekly during the summer months from around the end of June through Labour Day. During the inspection the water is sampled to make sure the bacteria levels are not too high to swim in. Weekly beach inspection information can be found within our Weekly Beach Results section.

Pools and Spas

Pools and Spas are inspected once every three months while they are operating. Public pools, public spas are regulated under the Ontario Public Pool Regulation 565/18. During the inspection our Public Health Inspectors are looking for safety equipment, proper signage, water chemistry and water clarity. The results of our inspections can be found by visiting INSIGHT our inspection disclosure webpage.

Regulation 565/18 has been updated and is now known as the Pool and Spa Regulation. This fact sheet is a summary of new requirements for public pools and spas.

Ministry of Health Guidance for Exempt Public Spas

Short-Term Rental of Residential Swimming Pools

The guidance document for Short-Term Residential Swimming Pool Rentals by Private Homeowners is now available. This document provides basic information for owners of residential pools who are using or considering using online platforms to enable the short-term rental of their pool to the public.

Wading Pools and Splash Pads

These recreational water facilities have been added to the Public Pool Regulation 565 as of July 1, 2018. Public Health Inspectors inspect these facilities while they are operating to ensure compliance with the regulation and to make sure they are safe for public use. The results of inspections can be found by visiting INSIGHT our inspection disclosure webpage.