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Personal Preparedness

Why Do I Need to Think About Personal Preparedness?

During an emergency our first responders are busy responding to multiple calls and must help those most in need first, so it may be some time before you can get help. When you are personally prepared you reduce the impact of emergencies on yourself and your family until help can arrive. Plan to take care of yourself, your family and pets for a minimum of 72 hours by building and stocking your 72 hour emergency kit.

Personal Preparedness Resources

The following resources will assist you:

How Do I Prepare for Those With Special Needs?

Many of us not only have to care for ourselves, we may also be responsible for taking care of family members that may have special needs; this may include infants, the elderly and even our pets. When you are putting together your emergency kit it is important to remember their specific needs and plan ahead to ensure their safety and comfort. The following resources may be helpful:

What Types of Items Are Useful to Keep In My Car to Help Me Be Prepared As I Travel?

Whether you commute to work or like to travel, you may come across events that may leave you caught inside your car for extended periods of time. To help reduce the impact on yourself and your passengers follow these easy tips:

  • Always keep your gas tank at least half full
  • Keep a blanket and extra clothing in the car
  • Dress for the weather if you wear shoes in the car make sure in the winter you take your boots
  • Carry a supply of water and food
  • Take your cell phone and charger
  • Have a buddy system – have an agreement with a friend or neighbour to check in on each other and share information if there is an emergency (e.g. extreme heat, storm, power outages)

Visit this website for more information on how you can create a car emergency kit.