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Performance & Accountability

The Health Unit must be accountable to its provincial and municipal funders, as well as to the public, for the work it does to protect and promote the health of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark residents.

A number of different tools are used to assess and improve our performance and demonstrate accountability to funders and the public.

Accountability Agreements

These are drawn up by the province and the first one came into effect January, 2011.

These agreements specify performance expectations, in the form of indicators, for boards of health and require public health units to demonstrate compliance with the Ontario Public Health Standards.

Since 2012, the Health Unit is required to report to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care twice, at mid-year and year-end, on our progress towards achieving Accountability Agreement targets. Starting in 2015, we share these indicators in our Community Reports.

Community Reports

The board of health is required to produce an annual financial and performance report to the general public, with a description of the mission, roles, processes, programs and operation of the public health unit and performance indicators, to ensure transparency and accountability.

Financial Reports

As per the Health Protection and Promotion Act, the Health Unit is required to prepare audited financial statements and make them available to the public.