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Information for Service Providers

Are you considering operating a personal services establishment? This section will provide you with information on regulatory requirements for personal services settings as per Ontario Regulation: 136 as well as infection prevention and control best practices to protect yourself and your clients from diseases that can be transmitted in these settings. You are required as a new operator to notify the Health Unit 14 days prior to opening your business. Personal Services Settings do require a public health inspection. Public Health inspectors are available to assist you in the planning stages to ensure you are fully compliant before opening.

New Regulatory Requirements

Changes under the Health Protection and Promotion Act – Ontario Regulation 136/18 – Personal Service Settings

All Personal Service Settings are required to notify the Health Unit of their intention to operate, any additional services that they may wish to perform and if they are renovating or constructing a personal service setting.

Service Specific Information

Below you will find helpful links to service specific information.

New Information – March 2024: Tattooing, Micro-needling and Micropigmentation

Resources for Operators

Below you will find helpful resources for operators.

What Happens During a Public Health Inspection?

Inspections are conducted at a minimum of once per year; however there may be additional inspections to respond to complaints from the public or reports of Infection Prevention and Control Lapses.

Inspections can be conducted at any time during your hours of operation. In some cases inspectors may call ahead to reserve some time to discuss procedures with you.

Operators of personal service settings are required to provide information to the inspector upon request including but not limited to:

  • Services provided
  • Equipment used
  • Infection prevention and control practices including cleaning/disinfecting/sterilizing
  • Record keeping
  • After care instructions provided to clients

Inspection Reports are public information and health units are required to disclose inspection results.

I Am Serving Beverages and/or Food At My Business What Requirements Do I Have To Meet?

Personal Service Settings offering beverages or food to their clients must meet the requirements set out in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.

Under Section 3 (1) of the Food Premises Regulation an exemption is provided regarding designated handwashing basins and dishwashing if you are providing food or drink under the following conditions:

  • Cold drinks sold from their original container
  • Frozen confections sold in their original package or wrapper
  • Only hot beverages are prepared and sold
  • Prepackaged non-hazardous food (foods not requiring refrigeration or cooking)

This exemption applies only if you use single service articles and if you provide single use commercially packaged moist hand towelettes for the personal hygiene of employees.

Operators wishing to serve their clients with multi-use cups, glasses, plates and cutlery must provide:

  • a three compartment sink for utensil washing
  • or a dishwasher that meets the requirements of the regulation
  • a separate hand wash basin must be provided in the area where food/drinks are prepared

The sinks serving the food premises side of the personal service setting are separate from those used for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and instruments used in the personal service setting.