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January 19, 2017 Meeting Summary

Board of Health Meeting Summary – January 19, 2017

Election of Officers

Anne Warren, Councillor from the Town of Gananoque, was elected Chair for a third term, and Doug Malanka, Mayor of Augusta Township, was elected Vice-Chair for his first term.

2017 Public Health Budget and Municipal Levy

The Board approved the 2017 General Public Health Programs Budget of $11,612,721. There will be no increase in the municipal levy that supports these programs. The Board also approved writing a letter to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care outlining the importance of appropriate level ministry funding for all new public health program requirements.

2017 Control Budget and Fees

The Board of Health approved the 2017 Land Control Budget in the amount of $477,870. They also approved that the fee for conventional sewage permits be increased from $650 to $700 as of August 1, 2017, that the fee for tertiary system permits be increased from $725 to $775 as of August 1, 2017, and that the fee for severances be increased from $400 to $430 as of August 1, 2017. These fee increases will provide the revenue needed to respond to the projected decrease (3%) in service requests. While the number of service requests has decreased slightly, the complexity of the service requests has not decreased the time required to do the work. The fees are still in the lower range of organizations providing a similar service in the surrounding area.

Program Update

The Directors presented a summary of their program accomplishments in 2016. Much is being done to promote and protect the health of the residents of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The presentation is available on request.

Looking forward into 2017, priorities will include continuing our work with the two LHIN’s to address the requirement of the Patients First Act to bring a population health perspective to local health service plans. Collaboration with the community will continue to address the increasing health concerns related to problematic opioid use. Responding to the new Ontario Public Health Standards and revised Ontario Food Premises Regulations, Recreational Water Regulations, and Recreational Camps Regulation will be a focus for the Department of Community Health Protection.

In 2017, to improve program effectiveness and efficiency, enhanced monitoring and reporting of program performance indicators and client service standards will be conducted along with the implementation of the risk management plan. Information systems will be improved through the implementation of FileHold, a document management system, Electronic Medical Records, a health promotion activity reporting system, and financial reporting systems. Work will be initiated on the renewal of the Strategic Plan for completion by January 2018.

Provincial Appointments

The Board of Health includes seven members appointed by the Council of one of the six obligated municipalities – United Counties (two members), County of Lanark, along with the separated City of Brockville, and separated towns of Prescott, Gananoque and Smiths Falls. Six members are  appointed by an Order in Council of the provincial government. Currently the Board has only three provincial appointees. A public recruitment process yielded four possible candidates which the Board will recommend to the Provincial government for consideration for appointment to the Board.