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Vaccine Order Form

The Vaccine order and delivery schedule is posted here.

  • Vaccines are to be picked up at a Health Unit office – you will be required to indicate which office on the order form.
  • You must bring conditioned vaccine coolers large enough to accommodate your vaccine order, or you will need to make more than one trip.

Vaccine Return Form – include this form each time your return expired vaccines to the Health Unit

You may download a PDF version of vaccine order form and email to [email protected] or use the online form below.

Vaccines for clients that meet the criteria for high risk recipients require a form to be submitted to [email protected] with client details as well as confirmation that the vaccine was administered.

  • Vaccine Fridge Temperature logs must be submitted, preferably by email to [email protected].
  • Maintain no more than a one-month supply in your vaccine fridge at any time. Adverse Storage Conditions (cold chain break) are very costly in terms of vaccine loss. Overstocking leads to wastage and the potential for administration of expired vaccines

Complete ALL fields to avoid a delay in processing your vaccine order.

Note: If You are unable to verify all of the Cold Chain Requirements above, email [email protected] or call 1-800-660-5853