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Infection Control Resources for the Classroom

A variety of infection control resources, including; hand hygiene activities and videos.

Hand Hygiene – Be a Germ Stopper Teacher Resource K–3

This resource aims to support K–3 teachers with classroom and curriculum support for handwashing and other infection control measures with their students.

Why Don’t We Do It in Our Sleeves? Video (Coughsafe Videos 2012)

This video uses humour to demonstrate proper respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing.

Hand Hygiene – The Dirt on Germs Video

This 4 minute video from Eastern Ontario Health Unit is part of a series of fun, educational videos about the importance of hand hygiene. It was created for use in elementary and high schools.

Hand Hygiene – Lather Rinse Defeat Germs Activity (Toronto Public Health 2014)

Contact your School’s Public Health Nurse to obtain a set of cards.

This activity is a great way to reinforce how germs are spread, and the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of germs.

Hand Hygiene – Lather Rinse Defeat Germs Handwashing Technique (Toronto Public Health 2022)

Contact your school’s Public Health Nurse to obtain the black UV light and hand lotion for this demonstration.

An interactive activity for teaching hand hygiene technique using a UV light and lotion which reveals “germs” when held under the light.