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Opening a Mobile Food Premises Checklist

To ensure a smooth opening, it is expected that your mobile food premises is completely ready to operate.

The following checklist will help ensure that you are ready for your opening inspection. All requirements must be met prior to opening:

  • All floors, walls and ceilings are in good condition and have been cleaned
  • A supply of potable water is provided and is adequate for the operation of the food premises
  • Water tanks have been cleaned, sanitized and flushed
  • All water connections/drinking water safe hoses have been sanitized and flushed
  • Hot water tank is connected and in working order
  • 2 compartment sink and taps are in good condition
  • Separate hand-wash basin is in good condition and has soap in a dispenser and paper towels
  • Your waste water collection tank is of sufficient size, in good condition and equipped with a gauge and lid
  • Ensure that waste water is disposed of in a sanitary manner ie. municipal sewer or septic system
  • Location of where waste water will be disposed of: _________________________________________
  • All refrigerators and freezers are in working order and have a thermometer
  • All windows/doors have screens in good condition
  • Equipment has been cleaned and sanitized and is in good working order
  • You have supplies of cleaners, approved sanitizers and test strips
  • Have a supply of hair restraints, aprons or uniforms
  • Your driving compartment is separated by a door in working condition
  • The grounds around your mobile unit are maintained to reduce the attraction to pests
  • Your set up is such that all food is prepared and served from within the premises

For further information, please check the regulation at O. Reg. 493/17: FOOD PREMISES (