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Infection control notification issued this week by local Health Unit

July 21, 2023

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit identified an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) lapse during an inspection on June 8th of Piercings by Melissa in Brockville, who operated in relationship with LUX Tattoo and Piercing, when informed of changes to services performed at the premises that were not disclosed to the Health Unit upon starting.

Initial investigation conducted on site identified concerns regarding reusable tools, relating to reprocessing technique, operation of equipment, and documentation. The operator has been required by the Health Unit to use only sterile single-use tools, and not use any jewellery sterilized on site. There have been no infections linked to the premises at this time.

The Health Unit recognizes that this situation can be stressful. Clients who may have been at risk of exposure have been contacted directly by the Health Unit by letter, and we recommend that all clients who received this letter follow recommendations described in the letter, including speaking to a health care provider.

The Ontario Ministry of Health requires that public health units investigate and publicly disclose information about IPAC lapses. The report of IPAC lapse is available here: IPAC Lapse Report. The inspection report for Lux Tattoo and Piercing is available here: INSIGHT. The Health Unit works with all operators to ensure safety to the public both to prevent lapses and to ensure provision of services in accordance to public health guidance and provincial requirements.

Please visit and click on the infection control information tab for more information on the IPAC Lapse, and/or contact our toll free line at 1-800-660-5853 ext 2222. Information about the Health Unit’s role in inspection of personal service settings  can be found on our website under: Beauty & Body Art.


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