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Strengthen Your Defense

April 18, 2018

National Immunization Awareness Week (April 23–27, 2018)

During National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW), the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit joins Immunize Canada and calls upon ALL Canadians to take the important steps of developing awareness and making informed decisions concerning vaccines for themselves and their loved ones.

“Immunizations are safe, effective, and benefit people of all ages. They protect individuals and communities by preventing the spread of disease”, says Amanda Pratt, RPN with the Health Unit. “As more people are immunized, the disease risk for everyone is reduced.”

Next week, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is asking you to take a few minutes to reflect on the progress that has been achieve over the last 50+ years since vaccines have been in use, and also to take this opportunity to increase your knowledge surrounding vaccines and their importance.

While the Health Unit tracks outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illness and adverse events (side effects) which may follow immunization, our reporting is only as strong as the accuracy of information we have. As Canadians, your individual responsibility counts. Keeping your health care provider informed of any side effects you may have experienced after an immunization is important. When health care providers keep the Health Unit informed of all adverse events, it allows our health system to detect trends, defend against illness and ensure vaccine safety. Tracking and building the big picture allows Canada to create a safe and effective vaccine program which strengthens your defense.

Health care providers can find the adverse events reporting tool within our Immunization Resources section.

For further reading on how to identify reliable online vaccine information and the importance of vaccinating your children, visit:

For other information on vaccines and immunization visit our Immunization section of our website, call 1-800-660-5853 or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @LGLHealthUnit for important public health updates.


Susan Healey, Communications Co-ordinator 613-345-5685 or 613-802-0550