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Processed Chicken Products

April 9, 2018

Health Unit Reminds You to Thoroughly Cook Processed Chicken Products

Preparing frozen processed chicken products such as chicken strips, nuggets or burgers requires the same care as handling fresh raw chicken products. Although processed chicken products may be breaded, this does not mean that they are cooked and ready to eat. These products may still contain bacteria that only proper cooking temperatures will destroy. All chicken products must be cooked to the temperature according to the directions on the packaging.

The Health Unit advises that consumers carefully read the product packaging to determine if the product has been fully cooked or not. Uncooked products can contaminate your hands and kitchen while you are handling them. It is important to wash your hands and sanitize any items in the kitchen that have come into contact with the processed chicken products. Not all cooking appliances work the same, so just going by cooking time may leave you at risk of food borne illness. The use of a probe thermometer to test your meat to ensure it has reached the required temperature is the best way to be absolutely sure the product is fully cooked.

For more information on how to handle food safely visit our Processed Chicken Products Need to be Handled Safely fact sheet.


Susan Healey, Communications Co-ordinator, 613-802-0550