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May is Speech and Hearing Month

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April 27, 2016

Is Your Child a Late Talker?

The Language Express Preschool Speech and Language Program helps children with many types of speech, language, social communication and literacy difficulties. This May, we are highlighting late talkers.

Children who are developing normally in all areas except spoken language are often called “late talkers.” In the past, many parents and physicians took a wait-and-see approach to late talkers. We know now that this is not a good idea because many late talkers will not catch up without help. Even the children who do seem to catch up may have trouble later with grammar, complex language, and learning to read and write.

A late talker is:

  • 18–20 months and using less than 24 words
  • 21–24 months and using less than 40 words
  • 24–30 months and using less than 100 words &/or limited 2-word combinations

Late talkers often have some additional risk factors such as being very quiet as babies or toddlers; a history of ear infections; a family history of speech, language, or learning difficulties; a limited number of consonant sounds; limited use of gestures; limited imitation of words; or using very few verbs.

If you think your child might be a late talker, don’t wait and see! Call Language Express now! We can help you to help your child become a confident talker who is ready for school and for life.

For more information, check out the latest newsletter on the Language Express website at, or call us at 1-888-503-8885.


Catherine Robinson, Program Manager, Language Express, at 613-283-2740, extension 2260