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Bootleg Fentanyl Info

June 22, 2016

Information about Bootleg Fentanyl from the Health Unit

Bootleg Fentanyl is a highly toxic and dangerous opioid drug that has been discovered in several areas across Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. Bootleg Fentanyl is being sold in our area in both pure powder as well as pressed pills. Bootleg Fentanyl that is pressed into pills is known to be sold as both Oxycontin and Heroin and may also go by the street names of Faded 80’s, Fake Oxy’s, K22’s, etc. The Bootleg Fentanyl powder has been detected in the cocaine supply in the area. Cocaine that is cut with powdered Fentanyl is of particular concern as the majority of people will be consuming this drug unknowingly which places them at a much higher risk of overdosing.

Cocaine, as with many stimulant drugs, is often associated with partying, music festivals, raves, etc. The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is expressing extreme caution to individuals attending parties and participating in festivals, particularly music related festivals to be aware that Bootleg Fentanyl could be cut into a variety of street acquired drugs. It is vital that individuals in attendance of events know the signs of an overdose, particularly that many of the signs of a Fentanyl overdose may be similar to those associated with severe alcohol intoxication; extreme sleepiness, body goes limp, shallow breathing or no breathing at all, vomiting, fingers and lips turn blue, deep snoring and gurgling.

As with all overdose situations, alcohol or street drug related, calling 911 is the most important step in saving someone’s life. Getting medical help to someone who is experiencing a possible Fentanyl related overdose is vital as the overdoses that have been reported are happening quickly once the drugs have been consumed. The Health Unit offers, free of charge, Naloxone kits to individuals who are at high risk of overdosing. Naloxone is the drug used to reverse a Fentanyl overdose, buying time to get medical help to the person experiencing the overdose. Naloxone kits are available at your local Health Unit.

For more information, visit our Drug Use and Harm Reduction section or call 1-800-660-5853.


Susan Healey, Communications Co-ordinator 613-802-0550