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Helping Smokers Quit

I Want to Quit

Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to help improve your health. There are several options available to you. Nicotine replacement products come in the form of patches, gum, lozenges and a mouth spray. Medications can also help you quit smoking. Talk to your health care provider about what might be our best option. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Tobacco kills up to half of its users.

First Week Challenge

Another month, another challenge. Don’t forget that participants can register for this challenge each and every month. Why not try to win $500? Don’t let another First week go by.


…Quit for good? Quit smoking completely and you could win $2,500.

…Keep the count? Cut back your smoking by 50% and you could win $1,000.

…Party without the smoke? Cut out smoking when drinking/partying and you could win $500.

…Don’t start and win? Stay smoke-free and you could win $250.

Which category is right for you?

18–29 years old? Enter the contest online by January 28, 2018.

STOP – Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients

Anyone interested in Nicotine Replacement can call the Health Unit for times and locations of STOP sessions. This free service provides free patches to eligible participants. For more information call the Health Unit at 1-800-660-5853 or 613-345-5685.

If you are a patient at an Ontario Family Health Team (FHT), Community Health Centre (CHC), or Addictions Agency, you can enrol in the program and receive ongoing smoking cessation treatment, including Nicotine Replacement Therapy and counselling support, at no cost.

Quit smoking your way. Talk to a quit specialist and get a personalised plan.

Smokers’ Helpline

Access Support Online, by phone or text.

Smokers’ Helpline has a new Texting Program!

Text iQUIT to 123456 to register.

Interactive support, scheduled messages, and advice to cope with cravings.


For moms and moms to be:

  • Quitting or reducing smoking while thinking about getting pregnant
  • Quitting or reducing smoking while pregnant, or
  • Challenges related to smoking after having their baby
  • Pregnets Website

Run to Quit

Making a lifestyles change like quitting smoking can be helped by also taking up physical activity. There are two ways you can join run to quit challenge and improve your health for a chance to win some great prizes. Find out more information and register here.

Leave the Pack Behind

A comprehensive, age-tailored, tobacco control initiative for young adults on post-secondary campuses (ie. Algonquin College – Perth).

Private Health Insurance

Many people get quit smoking medicines free as part of their health insurance plans or through their provincial health plan. If you have extra health insurance (through work, for example) call your insurance company to see what your plan covers.


In addition to recommending over-the-counter medications to help you quit smoking, your pharmacist can prescribe certain medications for smoking cessation. Some patients can also participate in the pharmacy smoking cessation program, which offers smoking cessation counselling for eligible Ontarians. Talk to your pharmacist to see if you qualify.

Social Assistance/Ontario Disability Support Program/Ontario Works

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) / Funding for NRT with a prescription from their doctor and at the discretion of caseworker.

Break It Off

Everyone is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to quitting smoking. You may have to try more than one method to successfully dump the relationship. Check out 13 different options at the Break It Off website.

On the Road to Quitting

Download or order your guide to quitting for Adults, or for youth.

Clear the Air

Understanding and help for members of the (LGBTQ+) communities with smoking and quitting smoking.

Quit for Life

A Guide to quitting smoking for youth.