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Home Renovations

Do Home Renovations Affect the Performance of a Sewage Disposal System?

Renovations to existing dwellings may reduce the performance level of the sewage system in the following situations:

  • the number of bedrooms in the dwelling are increased
  • the proposed construction exceeds 15 percent of the gross area of the dwelling unit
  • new plumbing fixtures are added to the dwelling, or
  • if the addition, expansion, alteration or change proposed encroaches upon the sewage system or any of its components, or area required for future replacement

If any of the above applies and the results show that the daily design sewage flow of the dwelling exceeds the capacity of the sewage system components, then the system must be upgraded to accommodate the increased flow rate.

Other structures, including garages (attached or detached), swimming pools or buildings that may reduce the performance level due to their proximity to the sewage system, are also included in the requirements for an application if they are within a 15 metre distance.

Applicants who propose the foregoing must submit a Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Application to the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit for approval prior to applying for the municipal building permit. The fee for the application is $200.00.

Note: Some municipalities have initiated a re-inspection program of existing septic systems to address water quality concerns. These programs are conducted to determine the integrity of the system. Persons may be required to obtain a sewage system maintenance inspection for this and/or for minor variance/zoning applications or official plan changes.

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