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Physical Activity for Workplaces

For Employers

Get involved with making your workplace more physically active. Research shows that a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace helps businesses maintain their competitive edge, recruit and retain employees best suited for the job, reduce absenteeism, encourage employees’ productivity, reduce the number of injury and illness claims, foster creativity, and increase quality and customer service. A healthy workplace is a great investment!

  • Step 1 – Obtain Management Support
  • Step 2 – Establish Workplace Health Committee
  • Step 3 – Conduct Interests/Needs Assessment
  • Step 4 – Develop Workplace Health Plan
  • Step 5 – Implement Program
  • Step 6 – Conduct Program Evaluation

Encourage your employees to get out in nature. Use this Get Active in Nature Poster in your workplace!

For Employees

Consider adding physical activity into your work life.

Finding time to be active when you are juggling family, school, a job and other parts of our busy lives can be a challenge, but being active will help you perform better at work, get better quality sleep, and feel more alert.

Being active if you are working shift work can help you with your quality of sleep and establishing a routine.

If you are sitting at work for long periods of time, try to take regular breaks to take a walk or try these stretches.

Your activity can happen on your way to and from work. Walk to work. Park farther away and walk the rest of the way. Bike to work. Try it out!

Start a workplace walking group.