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Trail Information

Why Explore Trails?

Being in nature benefits our physical, mental and emotional health. Walking is one of the greatest activities to keep you, your family and friends strong and healthy, in mind and body. There are many great local trails in our backyard to help keep your walk interesting! You could also try biking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, cross country skiing or snowshoeing, on many of these trails.

List of Featured Local Trails

  1. K & P Trail
  2. Mill of Kintail Conservation Area
  3. Purdon Conservation Area
  4. Baird Trail
  5. Beckwith Recreation Trails
  6. Carleton Place – Trans Canada Trail
  7. Perth Wildlife Reserve
  8. Rideau Trail – Central Club
  9. Ferguson Forest Centre
  10. Limerick Forest
  11. The Brock Trail
  12. Mac Johnson Wildlife Area
  13. Triangle Trail
  14. St. Lawrence Islands National Park
  15. St. Lawrence Bikeway
  16. Marble Rock Hiking Trail
  17. Charleston Lake Provincial Park
  18. Cataraqui Trail
  19. Mill Pond Conversation Area
  20. Murphy’s Point Provincial Park
  21. Foley Mountain Conservation Area

Other Trails

For more detailed information on trails in your area, visit the following websites:

Looking for more information on trails and activities in Ontario, or across Canada?

If you are interested in trail development and advocacy, go to the Ontario Trails Strategy website.