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Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Things we can do to improve our mental well-being

Your mental well-being is important.  While not everything in life is in our control, here are some things we can all work on to improve our mental well-being:

While young children need more sleep than older adults, we all benefit from a regular sleep routine.  Feeling rested and alert during the day shows that you are getting enough quality sleep.

Enjoy a variety of foods, including lots of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and protein foods. For more information, see our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Healthy Eating fact sheet and the Healthy Eating section of our website.

See this section of our website If you are looking for more information on Mental Health and Eating Disorders.

Getting exercise can improve your mood and help you feel better. By focusing on the fun and social aspect of physical activity, you might find something you enjoy and can fit into your regular routine.

Being in nature can help calm the brain. It can improve focus, concentration and creativity! It also encourages being active as we tend to sit less and move more when outdoors. Check your local Municipal website for local trails and recreational activities.

Time spent on technology and in front of screens means less time for other activities. One way to take care of your mental health is to reflect on how you use social media and how it makes you feel.

When we are in healthy relationships, we feel loved, valued and cared for. These positive connections with others help us handle the ups and downs of life better.

Learning and valuing the beliefs of your culture and background helps create a strong sense of who you are. Knowing your traditional language, attending ceremonies and taking part in traditional activities can help with this.