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Recreational Camps Reports

Visit our INSIGHT Inspection Reports for Leeds, Grenville and Lanark.

Are Reports Available for All Recreational Camps?


Reports are only available for recreational camps that fall under the definition as laid out in the regulation and that the Health Unit is aware of and has inspected. If they are not listed they are not inspected.

How Do I Interpret the Reports?

The inspection report only indicates the conditions observed on the day of inspection, so to get a better idea of ongoing compliance we encourage you to view reports over time instead of just looking at the last report.

Recreational camps are inspected at least once per year during their operating season. The inspection focuses on the safety of food, drinking water, recreational water, infection prevention and control measures, safety and health hazard concerns.

Why Do Some Places Have More Inspections Than Others in the Same Year?

The number of inspections that recreational camps receive each year is based on a minimum required annual inspection, and any re-inspections that may be required to ensure compliance. Additional inspections may be required to follow up on complaints.