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Farmers’ Market Self-Regulating Checklist for Vendors

All food vendors are required to notify the Health Unit of their intent to operate a booth at a farmers market. The following Compliance Checklist for Vendors is to be used in conjunction with A Guide to Understanding the Farmers Market Vendor Health Inspection Report. Submission of this completed form will serve as notification to the Health Unit.

Note: Other agencies have regulatory oversight and specific regulations for farm products. This checklist is only a summary of items the Health Unit will be assessing.

This checklist confirms that I am following these minimum food safety requirements and serves as my required notification to the Health Unit. Please check all sections that apply to products you are selling.

  • Food Source

  • Meat from Inspected Facility
  • Eggs
  • Only Pasteurized Milk Sold
  • Food Labelled
  • Food Storage

  • Samples Covered
  • Food Covered
  • Canopy Over Display/Storage Areas
  • Food off the Ground
  • Raw and Ready to Eat Foods are Separated
  • Thawing/Cooling/Cold Holding

  • Cold Foods Cold (4°C or less)
  • Frozen Foods (-18°C or colder)
  • Sufficient Cold Holding Units Available
  • Food Preparation and Handling

  • Handwashing Facilities Available and Used
  • Proper Use of Gloves
  • Sufficient Clean Utensils
  • Sanitizing of Surfaces
  • Cooking/Reheating/Hot holding

  • Hot Foods Hot (60°C or greater) Sufficient Hot Holding Unit Available
  • Products Being Sold * Required
  • Name of Vendor * Required
  • Home Address * Required
  • I hereby certify that... * Required