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Disinfecting Your Well

If your water sample shows bacteria in your well, a good first step in trying to solve the problem is to disinfect your well. Disinfecting a well will kill bacteria that are present in your well and in the plumbing of your home. After disinfecting your well we recommend that you take three samples a week apart to see if the problem has been solved. It is important to keep boiling your water for one minute at a rolling boil until you know your water is safe to drink.

Disinfecting Your Well Instructions

  1. Mix bleach with water and pour directly into your well. The amount of bleach depends on the depth of your well. Use the Well Disinfection Tool to help figure out how much bleach is needed to disinfect your well.
  2. Drain water heater and remove or bypass carbon filters.
  3. Open all taps one at a time and let water run.
  4. Turn off taps when a bleach odour is noticed and let stand for 12 hours.
  5. Drain the water system to remove all chlorinated (bleach) water. Avoid draining this water into the septic tank, use a garden hose attached to an outside faucet.
  6. Resample your well water 48 hours later. If satisfactory, take 2 more samples 1 week apart to ensure water remains satisfactory.
  7. Sample your well water on a regular basis.

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