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Physical & Mental-Well Being

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds focuses on empowering all residents; promoting health, not weight; being a positive role model through words and actions; promoting healthy eating and physical activity in a positive way; and providing encouragement and opportunities for all. The Health Unit can support the municipality with promoting heathy bodies and healthy minds by:

  • In-servicing municipal staff and community partners on effective ways to promote physical activity, healthy eating, mental well-being, media literacy, body image and self-esteem.

Resources available:

Local Data

Need local data to help support your funding application? Contact the Health Unit for more information.

Children and Youth Data

Consider the opportunities that are available for the children and youth in your community. See the Rural Youth’s After School Experience Discussion Paper to find out what local youth had to say about how they spend their time, and how they feel about it.

How Active Are Canadian Children and Youth? Every year, Canada is assessed to see how active children are. Each year, different themes related to physical activity and sedentary time are explored and graded.

2018 Canadian Kids Need to Move More to Boost their Brain Health

2016 The Importance of Sleep

2015 The Importance of Risky Play and Nature

2014 How We Are Doing Compared to Other Countries

2013 How Much Kids Travel Using Active Transportation

2012 Active Play vs Screen Time