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Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered transportation used to get from one place to another, such as walking, cycling, using a wheelchair or skateboarding.

Active Transportation Committees

Consider how to make improvements to active transportation in your community. This will help residents move actively and get to places they need to go.

Walk or Bike Friendly Community Designation

Work with your municipality to apply for the Walk or Bicycle Friendly designation.

Active School Travel

Active school travel is a human powered means of getting to and from school. See our Active School Travel page for more information.

Active Transportation Information Booklets

We have the following booklets available with information on Active Transportation. Each includes Benefits of Active Transportation, Statistics & Data, Myths & Facts and How to Take Action, Get Involved, Prepared and Moving. Each is written to meet the needs and interests of the specific groups of people that are listed below:

  • Municipal Staff and Decision Makers: This information is for both elected municipal council members and municipal staff (e.g., planners, recreation directors, town councillors, CAOs, etc.). Municipal staff and decision makers are the people who plan, promote, and make decisions on behalf of the residents within the community. They have substantial influence on the development patterns, transportation systems, and design of their communities.
  • Residents Wanting to Use Active Transportation: This information is for residents who use active transportation, or would like to use active transportation to get around the community. In our large rural area, many residents drive a long distance to get to town and may use active transportation to move around once they get there, while others live in town and can walk or bike from home.
  • People with Challenges and Limitations Wanting to use Active Transportation: This information is for people that would like to or need to use active transportation to move around their community but have some challenges or limitations walking or cycling or may use a wheelchair, walker, cane, or stroller. Some may have challenges using active transportation due to their age or health. Families with young children and individuals that are older, or frail, find long distances and challenging terrain a problem. If you are older you are at a higher risk of injuries when traveling on busy routes that are less safe, and may avoid these roads.
  • Other Residents Not Using Active Transportation: This information is for residents living in a community where their neighbours might be using active transportation. They may not wish to move around the community in the same way but can still benefit from living in a community that is designed for active transportation.