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Alcohol, Smoking & Vaping at Events

Smoke and Vape Free Events and Compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act

Make sure your event is compliant with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and if your event is on municipal property, comply with the local municipal smoking/vaping bylaw.


Host an alcohol free event. Alcohol free events provide positive role modeling to children and youth and offer enjoyable activities for all.

There are times when no alcohol use at events is safest. For example, events that include driving, using machinery and tools, dangerous physical activity, being responsible for the safety of others, and making important decisions. See Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health.

If you plan to serve alcohol:

There is a range in how people use alcohol and substances. Provide event participants with information to help them make informed decisions about their health. See the lower risk guidelines for cannabis and alcohol.


Determine if security services are needed. Consult with the local municipality and emergency services.

There is an increased need for security when alcohol is being served. Security personnel can help to ensure alcohol remains within the licensed area, check identification, handle disturbances, and help with the implementation of a fire safety plan.

Find the minimum number of event staff and licensed security workers recommended for special occasion permit events in section 3.2 of the Municipal Alcohol Policy Template.

When planning for potential emergencies at your event, be prepared for overdoses. Read more about emergency planning for events.