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October 2019 – Secondary School E-Bits

For Administrators

Provincial legislation bans smoking and vaping on and within 20 meters of school grounds. This reminder is available in “Tear-off pad” format or electronically for newsletters, emails or digital screens. Schools can now submit an incident report electronically (for either smoking/vaping in a prohibited area, or sale or supply of tobacco or vape products to someone under 19) by using this form: School Incident Report.

For Educators

Interested in a classroom resource for vaping? What the Vape?! is a 20 minute e-module for high school youth on vaping and e-cigarettes that can be done as a class or individually. Looking for something more in-depth? The Health Unit can offer an interactive vaping workshop and support to host a peer-to-peer awareness event so those trained can share their knowledge with other students. Contact your school’s public health nurse to book a workshop or request a resource.

Kindness in the Classroom® (K–8 and High School) is a social emotional learning based curriculum to help schools create a culture of kindness. Six key kindness concepts (Caring, Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Inclusiveness) are covered in a six-week format: four weeks of lessons and two weeks of projects.

For teachers, your self-care is not forgotten! Each lesson begins with a section called “Teacher connection/self-care section”.

For families, each unit includes a letter to send home to parents outlining what their child will be learning about and how to create common language at home.

Find the lessons at Random Acts of Kindness | Free K–8 Lesson Plans: New & Improved.

For Families

Encourage your child or teen to get involved in school activities! This can help them look forward to their day at school. Even just one or two activities in a school year can help a student feel more connected. School activities can: provide a chance to try something new, learn new skills, encourage building friendships, help students see their teachers and other adults in a different role.

School is more than just book learning. It’s also a place to learn skills through extracurricular activities that will last a lifetime. What will your child or teen try this year at school?

For more info, visit, call 1-800-660-5853, or email [email protected]. Parenting Matters!

foodcoreLGL developed a School Toolkit to connect schools to the Food Charter for LGL. Now foodcoreLGL wants to evaluate it to learn if and how it is being used and for improvement ideas.

After feedback has been submitted you’ll find details on how to be entered into a draw. There is a minimum of five prizes including a slow cooker, gift certificates for local food and gift bags from local food & health programs.