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May 2019 – Secondary School E-Bits

For Educators

Eastern Ontario School Mountain Bike Challenge is happening Friday, May 17. This is a mountain bike event designed to get kids of all ages on bikes. It is perfect for a fun or first mountain biking experience. It is not about results or winning, it is about doing the challenge. The event has both individual events as well as an optional team event. For more information visit:

For Families

Food System. The “food system” includes everything and everybody that’s involved from seed to table and beyond. It includes growing, producing, processing, transporting, distributing, selling, buying, preparing, eating and disposing of food waste. When you think of these steps you can see how “food system” thinking can be used for school curriculum links in math, science, social sciences and reading. Local food can also be considered in the school’s food environment like the food used for fundraising or hot meal programs. Visit, read the Food Charter, scroll through the Food Inventory and see the School Toolkit.

Lyme Disease is Preventable. Ticks that may carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease are now found throughout our region. As temperatures rise above 4°C ticks become active and begin to look for a blood meal. While not all ticks carry the bacteria, if an infected tick bites you and remains attached for over 24 hours you may be at an increased risk of getting Lyme disease. Lyme disease is preventable. Always do a tick check when you return from the outdoors and remove ticks promptly. For more information visit

Are you divorced or separated? Are you worried that your child or teen might be caught in the middle? Arguments about holidays and birthdays, dealing with ex-partners, financial concerns – these might be just a few of the things you are dealing with. Triple P’s Family Transitions course can help. You will learn ways to deal with these issues, manage emotions and protect your child from the trauma of your situation. First Family Transitions Group starts on May 15 at 9:30am and is 3 weekly sessions in length; second one will start on June 6 at 5:00pm with 3 weekly sessions. To learn more or to sign up today, call 1-800-660-5853, visit or email [email protected]. Parenting Matters!