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December 2019 – E-Bits

For Educators

“Are you interested in getting locally grown food on the plates and minds of your students? Farm to Cafeteria Canada, Whole Kids Foundation and partners are offering comprehensive grants to engage students, staff, and the community in gardening, cooking, preserving, purchasing and serving local foods through a salad bar at school! Applications open January 1, 2020 and are valued at up to $10,000. For more information, visit Farm to Cafeteria Canada or connect with your school’s Public Health Nurse.”

Please visit our website and visit our Educators section under the Professionals tab for access to all of our resources to support you with school topics. You can also sign up to receive notice when we have made updates.

For Families

We all need money to provide the basics for living. The basics include housing – a place to call home, food that will fuel our body and mind with energy, health and joy, clothing, a phone to stay connected, a way to get to work or school, leisure activities, and prescribed medications. A living wage can assist people in our communities living on low incomes to have the basics for living. Our local living wage is $17.21/hour. #healthequityLGL Learn more about the benefits of a living wage.

Looking for the best gift for your child or teen this holiday season? Something that will never break, wear out or get old? How about YOU? Spend time and make a memory with your child or teen. Our children don’t need more things. Just a parent who plays with them, listens to them and loves them! What memories will you make this holiday season? For more parenting tips, visit, call 1-800-660-5853, or email [email protected]. Parenting Matters!

Spending time outdoors in winter, in nature or enjoying a sport is a great way to stay healthy but there are a few things to think about to stay safe in the cold.

Proper clothing is important to prevent cold related injuries including frost bite. A few lighter layers are better than one heavy layer. Choose a loose absorbent synthetic fabric next to the skin, a warmer middle layer and a water resistant/repellant outer layer. No drawstrings for safety. Parachute Canada has more information for parents about dressing for the cold, preventing frost bite and ice safety.