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Child Care COVID-19 Checklist

The Health Unit is prepared to support your re-opening plan provided it contains the measures in the COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Centres or Home Child Care Settings, as applicable. Once your plans are complete, confirm that they contain the required measures by completing and submitting the Child Care COVID-19 Checklist. You will receive a response that the plan has been received and that we are aware of your re-opening.

It is the responsibility of each child care centre to ensure the appropriate safety measures are in place based on guidance from the Ministry of Education and the Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.

Your plan will not require Health Unit approval to re-open your child care setting.

Child care centres do not require an inspection prior to re-opening if they are operating under an existing license; however, an onsite inspection will follow at a later date to ensure childcare centres are meeting their requirements to keep children, their families, and child care workers protected.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to keeping our children safe. Please feel free to contact your Public Health Inspector should you have questions that are not covered in the resources provided.

COVID-19 Child Care Centre Health and Safety Policy Review Checklist

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Facility Location * Required
  • Health and Safety Measures

    Have the following Health and Safety Measures been included in Policy/Procedures?
  • Only staff and children enter the centre and that all others, such as parents/guardians of children and delivery persons, are met at the door. * Required
  • Only one point of entry and exit is allowed. * Required
  • Procedures that support physical distancing and separate groups as best as possible (i.e. children of one room enter door A and children of another room enter door B, or staggered entrance times) are in place. * Required
  • All entrances have hand sanitizer and if in an enclosed space and physical distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained, parents/guardians and staff/childcare providers wear a cloth mask. * Required
  • Daily records of anyone entering the centre are kept and include their first and last name, contact number and/or email, and the approximate length of their stay (such as cleaners, people doing maintenance work, people providing support for children with special needs, those delivering food). Records are kept on the premises. * Required
  • Children’s temperature is checked and staff check their own temperature daily before coming to the childcare centre * Required
  • Parents have been actively informed (i.e. through sign-off of a consent form) of the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 in the centre. * Required
  • A communication plan or protocol is in place in the event that a child, parent or staff member at the site is exposed to COVID-19. * Required
  • Personal belongings (i.e. backpack, clothing, etc.) are minimized. If brought, belongings are labeled and kept in the child’s cubby/designated area. * Required
  • Children bring their own sunscreen where possible and it is not shared. Staff provide assistance to apply sunscreen to any child requiring it and exercise proper hand hygiene when doing so. * Required
  • Food Provisions

  • Proper hand hygiene is practiced when staff are preparing food and by all individuals before and after eating. Children do not help prepare food. * Required
  • Meal practices ensure there is no self-serve or sharing of food at meal times. Utensils are used to serve food. * Required
  • Meals are served in individual portions to the children. * Required
  • No items are shared (i.e. serving spoon, utensils or salt shaker). * Required
  • No food is provided by the family/outside of the regular meal provision of the program (except where required and special precautions for handling and serving the food are in place). * Required
  • Active Screening of Children and Staff

  • Active screening is completed for anyone entering the childcare centre. * Required
  • Parents are reminded of the screening requirement before registration and through visible signage at the entrances and drop-off areas. * Required
  • Screening and temperature checks are conducted whenever possible before individuals arrive at the centre. Parents/guardians who are unable to do this at home wait on site, until their child has had their temperature checked and is clear to participate in the day. * Required
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol content is placed at all screening stations. Dispensers are not in locations that can be accessed by young children. When possible, hand washing with soap and water is preferred over alcohol-based hand rub for children * Required
  • Childcare centres assess the temperature (as reported by the parent/guardian or taken by the childcare provider) of all children/staff during screening and are maintaining a log of all screening results. All records are kept on premise. * Required
  • For COVID-19 specifically, anyone who fits the criteria is not allowed into the childcare centre and will need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days or as directed related to management of symptoms. * Required
  • Children who have an infectious illness that may be communicable should are not entering the childcare facility while infectious. * Required
  • Staffing

  • Centre maintains ratios set out under the CCEYA. Maximum cohort size for each room in a childcare centre is no more than 10 individuals space permitting. * Required
  • Maximum capacity rules do not apply to special needs resource staff (consultants and enhanced staff) on site (i.e. they are not counted towards staff to child ratios). * Required
  • Cohort staff and children: * Required
    - When possible, children of the same family are put together in a group (as per current regulatory operating ratios and group size; and subject to Ministry of Education approval).
    - Cohorts are limited to one room and avoid interaction with children and staff in other rooms. Cohorts are not permitted to mix with other cohorts
  • Staff stay within their designated role and do not cover off other role(s). Staff assigned to a cohort of children remain with the same cohort when covering breaks. * Required
  • Staff work at only 1 location. * Required
  • Staff avoid entering multiple rooms. * Required
  • Physical distancing of >2m between people in staff/lunchrooms is maintained. If physical distance cannot be maintained, only one (1) person at a time is in the room. If physical distancing cannot be maintained and staff must be in the same room, all staff wear masks. * Required
  • All childcare staff/providers are trained on the health, safety and other operational measures outlined in this document plus any additional local requirements in place prior to re-opening. * Required
  • Management of Child/Staff with COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Symptomatic child(ren) and staff are immediately separated from others in supervised area until they are able to leave the childcare centre. * Required
  • Parent/guardian are notified to come pick up the child(ren) as soon as possible. * Required
  • Staff, where possible, maintain a distance of at least 2 meters while supervising an ill child. Appropriate PPE (mask and eye protection) is worn by the staff member supervising the child. If tolerated and the child is over age 2, the child wears a surgical/procedure mask. * Required
  • Environmental cleaning and disinfecting of the space in which the child was separated is conducted immediately after the child has been picked up. All items used by the sick person are disinfected. * Required
  • Parents/guardians of other children are informed that a child has developed a symptom and has been sent home pending testing and further assessment is needed. Parents are asked to monitor the health of their child(ren) and to notify the childcare provider if their child develops symptoms. As long as children remain symptom-free, they can continue to attend the childcare centre. * Required
  • Staff who develop symptoms during a shift are separated from others, wash their hands and put on a surgical/procedure face mask or a 2- or 3-layer cloth mask until they can leave the childcare facility. * Required
  • Staff who report feeling unwell before coming onto a shift stay home. * Required
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • High touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. * Required
  • Toys and equipment are cleaned and disinfected at a minimum between cohorts. Childcare providers have designated toys and equipment (i.e. balls, loose equipment) for each room or cohort. * Required
  • Mouthed toys are cleaned and disinfected immediately after the child is finished using it. * Required
  • The use of sensory materials (i.e., playdough, water, sand, etc) is avoided, or provided for single use and labelled with child’s name, if applicable. * Required
  • Shared items such as toys that cannot be easily cleaned and disinfected daily are removed (i.e. plush items) * Required
  • Childcare centres keep a log to track and demonstrate cleaning schedules. * Required
  • Childcare centres have and sustain an amount of PPE and cleaning supplies that can support their current and ongoing operations. * Required
  • Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing of at least 2 meters is maintained between cohorts and is encouraged, where possible, between children within the same cohort. * Required