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Post-Partum Depression Interventions

Interventions for Postpartum Mood Disorder

The Interventions for Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD) implementation team is working towards implementing two practice recommendations from the Best Practice Guideline. The intent of our BPSO project is to ensure accurate and up to date practice supports are in place to support PPMD related practice, as well as, address staff training needs related to PPMD. The two recommendations we have chosen to help us achieve this include:

  • 15.0 – Practice settings establish local care pathways and protocols to guide practice and to ensure postpartum mothers with depressive symptoms have access to safe and effective treatment.
  • 16.0 – Practice settings provide orientation and continuing education related to the care of postpartum mothers experiencing depressive symptoms.


  • Collaboration with other Health Units implementing the same BPG


  • Selecting two practice recommendations that are achievable within the designation period and address our current needs.
  • Updated Best Practice Guideline to be released Spring/Summer 2017

Next Steps:

  • Update Prenatal & Postpartum Mood Disorder Screening Guideline
  • Update Postpartum Mood Disorder HER
  • Update Work Instruction for Maternal Well-being
  • Update PPMD related information on external Health Unit website
  • Develop an Evaluation Plan
  • Provide in-service for staff on new processes and resources to support PPMD related practice at the Health Unit