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Patient & Family Centred Care

Person and Family Centered Best Practice Guideline Implementation team is working with all Health Unit employees to help create an environment that is focused on providing care and services that is respectful, considers the lived experience and improves outcomes and overall satisfaction.

The recommendations we are working on are;

  • Educate health care providers at a minimum on the following attributes of person- and family-centred care to improve the person’s clinical outcomes and satisfaction with care:
    1. Empowerment;
    2. Communication; and
    3. Shared decision making.
  • Create an organizational culture that exemplifies its commitment to person- and family-centred care by:
    1. Demonstrating leadership and commitment to this approach to care;
    2. Involving the person in co-designing health programs and services; and
    3. Building healthy work environments for all health care providers.

Visit the RNAO BPSO initiative website for more information.