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Adopting e-Health Solutions

The Adopting e-Health Solutions Best Practice Guideline (BPG) Implementation Team is collaborating with our IT Department to develop and implement an electronic documentation system to ensure better client service. We are implementing the following BPG recommendations to guide our journey into using electronic client records:

  • Disciple- specific champions will be identified at all levels of the organization (representing each stakeholder group impacted) to build awareness of the system and promote adoption among peers and across the organization.
  • A formal change management methodology will be used to address the role –specific needs of the individual as they transition from the present to future state.
  • A communication management plan will be implemented to facilitate the delivery of targeted communication to specific stakeholders, with built-in channels for feedback.

The goal is to be piloting its use by the end of June 2019. There will be a staggered approach to the addition of services to the ECR to ensure a seamless transition for the clients we serve.

Adopting eHealth Solutions Best Practice Guideline