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foodcoreLGL is a coalition of food activists and organizations who work to take practical steps to realize the vision of the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Food Charter. Connect with them on their Facebook page.

Healthy Community Partnership

The Healthy Community Partnership is an umbrella concept for community work to help enhance the health and well-being of communities through inter-sectoral collaboration, partnerships and community engagement.

Every Kid in our Community

Every Kid in Our Communities of Leeds and Grenville generates positive change for children and their families by bringing together key players from our communities, including those who may not have previously engaged due to perceived agency or professional boundaries.

Lanark Planning Council for Children and Youth

The Lanark County Planning Council (LCPC) provides leadership and coordination to enable optimal development and healthy living for Lanark County children, youth, and their families.

Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee

The Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee is a locally driven initiative of community partners working together to move harm reduction strategies forward across Leeds, Grenville and Lanark.

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