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LGBTQ+ Health

About 1 in every 10 people is LGBTQ+.

LGBTQ+ stands for:

  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Two-spirited
  • Queer
  • Questioning
  • + symbol represents those who are somewhere along the wide range of gender and/or sexuality.

If you are a LGBTQ+ person, it is important to learn how to keep yourself and your partner healthy.

Everyone deserves to be healthy, regardless of age, race, income, sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ+ people have the same health needs as anyone else, but there are some specific health issues that may be more likely to affect them.

If you have questions, need help, or want to get tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections, drop into a local Sexual Health Clinic. Our nurses are LGBTQ+-friendly and are here to support you in making the right decisions about your sexual health. All of our clinics are completely confidential.

To learn more about LGBTQ+ sexual health, gender identity and/or sexual orientation, visit

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