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Physical Activity in Nature

Why is Nature Time Important?

Being outside in nature has many benefits:

  • Less anxiety, stress and depression as nature helps calm the brain
  • A healthy body as people tend to sit less and move more and longer
  • Kids become stronger, more coordinated and have better balance
  • Improved focus, concentration and creativity, as the sights, smells and sounds of nature help restore balance in our body
  • Improved sleep as the sun helps to regulate our sleep patterns

Watch the Nature 4 Life video, where local Leeds, Grenville and Lanark experts talk about the powerful role of nature!

Getting Outside

The positive effects of physical activity are increased when it is done outdoors in nature. Here are a few resources you may find helpful in getting you active in nature.

Looking for a FUN and FREE idea to get outside in nature? All public library branches throughout Leeds and Grenville offer MAPsacks (Movement and Play sacks). These come in 40 different themes, ranging in topics such as ants, reptiles and camping. Each sack is filled with information guides, books, outdoor gadgets and free passes to local parks and conservation areas. Check your local library to see which MAPsacks are available near you! *Funded in part by the province of Ontario