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INSIGHT Food Inspection Reports

Are Reports Available for All Food Businesses?


Reports are only available for food businesses that are inspected by the Health Unit. If they are not listed they are likely not inspected or may fall under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Food businesses such as restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, meat shops, food stores, daycare and nursing home kitchens, chip wagons and concession booths are regulated by the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, and are inspected by the Health Unit.

How Do I Interpret the Reports?

The inspection Report only indicates the conditions observed on the day of inspection, so to get a better idea of ongoing compliance we encourage you to view reports over time instead of just looking at the last report.

Why Do Some Places Have More Inspections Than Others in the Same Year?

The number of inspections that each food business receives each year is based on the level of risk it has been assigned.

  • High risk food businesses receive a minimum of 3 inspections per year
  • Moderate risk food businesses receive a minimum of 2 inspections per year
  • Low risk food businesses receive a minimum of 1 inspection per year
  • Additional inspections are conducted to follow up on issues, or as a result of a complaint

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