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Food Safety

Why is Food Safety Important?

How we handle the food we prepare can result in a safe and tasty meal, or it may result in making ourselves and others sick. If food is not handled safely from the time we purchase it, store it in our homes, prepare, cook, serve and cool it, a tasty meal can make us sick.

Common symptoms of foodborne illness may include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever and may last from hours to several days. Visit this website for more information on foodborne illness.

What is the Role of the Health Unit Regarding Food Safety?

Public Health Inspectors:

  • Inspect places in our community that prepare, store, distribute and sell food to ensure that they meet government regulations and handle food safely
  • Support food businesses by offering education and resources on safe practices
  • Remove unsafe food from sale and assist with food recalls
  • Follow up complaints and reports of foodborne illnesses
  • Issue fines and close establishments that put the public at risk
  • Provide education and resources for the public to help them prepare safe food at home
  • Work with partner agencies with shared responsibilities for food safety
  • Work with municipalities and food businesses during emergencies to address food safety issues