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Steroid Injecting EquipmentSteroid Injecting

The Smart Gear program provides single use equipment for people who inject steroids. Equipment and education are provided to help reduce risk from Hepatitis C, HIV and other infections.

Where Should I Put My Used Needles?

All used needles should be put in a biohazard bin and/or a plastic container such as a water bottle. Drop off used needles at any Health Unit site or pharmacy location that takes used needles. It is unsafe to throw needles in the garbage.


The Anabolic Steroid booklet covers information on:

  • Steroid use equipment
  • Safer injecting practices
  • General safety (cycling, bridging, stacking)
  • Side effects

The Steroid Facts and Tips from Ottawa Public Health Anabolic Steroids Pamphlet covers information on:

  • Where to inject
  • How to draw up
  • Equipment
  • Side effects
  • Steroid safety
  • Steps for safer injecting
  • Risks (such as abscesses, hitting a nerve and Hepatitis C/HIV)

Additional Resources

Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program:

Contact Information

If you would like more information about our Harm Reduction program, you can email us at: or call 1-800-660-5853 and ask for Harm Reduction.