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Harm Reduction Steering Committee

Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee LogoThe Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee is a locally driven initiative of community partners working together to move harm reduction strategies forward across Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The committee consists of a wide range of community partners from a multitude of sectors including community health centres, first responders, social services, counselling and treatment services, public health and law enforcement. The committee focuses on education and awareness building activities, bringing evidence-based strategies to the community and advocating on behalf of community members affected by substance use.

What is the Committee Working on in 2017?

In 2017, the Committee has taken a focus on developing a Community Opioid Response plan. The plan will focus on the 4 pillars of prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement. The committee is committed to implementing a wide variety of strategies under each pillar.


  • Build capacity in adult allies within the community to help raise awareness of the opioid crisis, prevention strategies with youth

Harm Reduction

  • Increase distribution of overdose prevention messaging
  • Working towards people with lived experience having a voice both with the committee and Smart Works program
  • Working towards Naloxone Distribution from Emergency Rooms


  • Supporting the expansion of Suboxone with local primary care providers
  • Advocate for and support Rapid Access (Suboxone) Clinics upon discharge from hospitals


  • Importance of Calling 911 Campaign including the Good Samaritan Law

Volunteers Needed

Are you a person with lived experience with substance misuse?

The Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee wants to hear from you! If you are interested in having a say on issues looked at by this committee, please contact the Harm Reduction Team at or by calling 1-800-660-5853.

Resources Created by the Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee

Prescription Tear Off Pad Resource – Who else is using your prescription? Protect Your Pin. Protect your pills.

Alcohol and Drug Use and Parenting Resource – Using alcohol/drugs doesn’t make you a “bad” parent. Many people use alcohol/drugs in low-risk ways and are loving, responsible parents.

Safe Disposal of Needles/Syringes by Public (Page 3)

If you would like to obtain hard copies of any of the resources listed, please contact us at

For more information on the Community Harm Reduction Steering Committee contact