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Active Transportation

Active Transportation Committees

Consider how to make improvements to active transportation in your community. This will help residents move actively and get to places they need to go.

Walk or Bike Friendly Community Designation

Work with your municipality to apply for the Walk or Bicycle Friendly designation.

Active School Travel

In communities across Canada, students, parents, teachers, principals, public health nurses, police, school planners, urban planners and elected officials are gathering in Active School Travel Planning circles to discuss the ways they can encourage more students to walk or bike to school.

  • Active School Travel committees perform Walkabouts to see problem areas at the school and on surrounding streets that have been identified by students and parents. They work together to find solutions that will make the school journey easier and safer for children.
  • Walking and cycling is promoted, along with safety education for the school community.
  • Find out if your schools have an Active School Travel committee. To find out what is happening locally around School Travel Planning, and how to get your school moving, have a look at the Healthy Community Partnership website.
  • If you would like to start an Active School Travel committee in your school community, have a look at the School Travel Planning Toolkit to get you started. Learn from other communities who have tried School Travel planning, “Successes and Lessons for Active & Sustainable School Travel Planning”. Work with your local schools to identify how you can improve active and safe routes to school and promote municipal work on active transportation with schools.