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Municipal Staff & Partners

Healthy Built Environment

Communities that are built to support and promote physical activity are key to enhancing our ability to be active and healthy.

Community partners are working together to promote, advocate and enhance regular outdoor physical activity and play that is appropriate for a variety of residents living in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark.

A healthy community is designed to promote:

  • safe routes for walking and cycling to work, school, shopping and home
  • access to parks and other amenities
  • access to recreation programs and other health services
  • access to outdoor spaces for all ages and abilities for play and transportation
  • access to healthy food

Physical Activity Data

Local Data

Need local data to help support your funding application? Contact the Health Unit for more information.

Children and Youth Data

Consider the opportunities that are available for the children and youth in your community. See the Rural Youth’s After School Experience Discussion Paper to find out what local youth had to say about how they spend their time, and how they feel about it.

How Active Are Canadian Children and Youth? Every year, Canada is assessed to see how active children are. Each year, different themes related to physical activity and sedentary time are explored and graded.

2016 The Importance of Sleep

2015 The Importance of Risky Play and Nature

2014 How We Are Doing Compared to Other Countries

2013 How Much Kids Travel Using Active Transportation

2012 Active Play vs Screen Time


The following are some resources to assist communities in providing high quality recreation programs:

Community Gardens

Municipalities and their partners can play a supportive role in the development of community gardens. Read about the successful Gananoque Community Garden and find out what the Neighbourhood Tomato Groups are up to in Lanark. See a list of current growing and gathering food activities in foodcoreLGL’s Food Inventory.

Community Kitchens

Do you have a kitchen space that could support opportunities for community groups to cook and eat together? Visit our Food Safety webpage to learn how to ensure your kitchen is safe by involving a Public Health Inspector.

Get Youth Involved

Invite youth to work with communities and municipalities to share their ideas. Help to create youth friendly environments and promote youth engagement and positive youth development. Ensure policies, infrastructure and programming include youth, not only as a target, but also as leaders and advocates.

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