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Preventing and Managing Illnesses

Child Care Infection Control Manual

Children are particularly susceptible to illnesses for several reasons. They have not been exposed to many common germs, their immune systems are still developing, and let’s be honest, they usually have poor hygiene habits

This Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit has drafted a manual that will help you strengthen your infection control program and assist you with:

  • Preventing infections from occurring and spreading
  • Identifying and controlling illnesses and outbreaks
  • Knowing when to contact the Health Unit about an illness or outbreak
  • Communicating with parents about an illness or outbreak

The manual is currently being evaluated by our child care centres and will be available on this page soon. Stay tuned!

Hand Hygiene (Hand Washing)

Hooray for Handwashing

Keep Our Centre Healthy


Children should be immunized according to the Ontario Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule. See the Attending Licensed Child Care page for the required immunizations for children and the forms required to be filled out prior to being enrolled in child care.

Child care centre staff should also be immunized according to the Ontario Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule. Specific vaccines recommended for child care staff are listed in Table 3 on the Government of Canada website.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Child Care Centre Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedule; How often should toys be cleaned? When should we discard sensory play items? This schedule lists the minimum frequency for cleaning surfaces in your facility.

Health Evaluation/Illness Tracking

Illness Tracking Form; keep copies of this form so you can capture and maintain information, as well as keep an eye on trends in illness.

Childhood Diseases; a list of common childhood diseases with information on symptoms, transmission and when to report or exclude children who have these illnesses.

Be Aware, We Have These Symptoms Poster; for making parents and visitors aware of the symptoms children at your facility are experiencing.

We Have an Outbreak Poster; for notifying parents and visitors when you are in outbreak.

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