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Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic

2020 Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics

The organizing of low-cost rabies vaccination clinics is another service that was affected this year by the presence of COVID-19 in our communities. Many of our vets who support our clinics were not able to participate this year. It would have been difficult to maintain a physical distancing and therefore it was decided to cancel the clinics this September. If you had your dog or cat vaccinated last year or want to inquire about getting or updating rabies vaccinations for your pets, you should speak with a local vet. Vaccinating your pets against rabies is important; it is also the law.

Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Spay and Neuter Clinic will be running Rabies Vaccination Clinics starting in January 2021. The clinic is located in Brockville at 4099 Highway 29 and will be running clinics the last Thursday of each month from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for $20 cash. COVID-19 precautions are in place. Contact:, 613-345-7729.

The Health Unit would like to remind you that there are also things you can do to reduce the risk of rabies exposure for your pet:

  • Never let your pets run at large
  • Stay away from all unknown animals, both wild and domestic
  • Do not feed or care for wild animals and do not encourage them on your property

Protect Your Family – Dogs and Cats Must Be Vaccinated

The Health Unit in partnership with local vets and municipalities sponsors Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics. The goal of holding these clinics is to help provide rabies vaccinations to as many cats and dogs as possible. By increasing the vaccination coverage in pets we will help to minimize the potential transmission of rabies to humans.

These low-cost clinics are open to all residents of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark and we encourage people that may have numerous pets to ensure if they do not regularly see a vet to bring their cats and dogs to these clinics. Domestic animals at a higher risk of exposure to rabid animals include:

  • Barn cats
  • Hunting dogs that while running in the bush have a potential of interacting with wildlife that may have rabies

World Rabies Day is held in September each year to bring awareness to rabies issues around the world. Rabies is a deadly disease that can be prevented. Did you know that a person dies from Rabies every 10 minutes throughout the world? Help prevent the spread of rabies by vaccinating your pet dog or cat. Visit this website for more information on World Rabies Day.

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