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Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan will provide direction to the work of the Health Unit for the years 2013–2018. The previous Health Unit Strategic Plan, Moving Upstream 2006–2012, recognized the importance of looking at the underlying factors that influence health and health behaviours and was grounded in a commitment to continuous quality improvement and the principles of organizational excellence.

Moving Upstream 2013–2018 builds on the foundation of the previous plan. The plan consists of 3 key components:

  1. Health Unit Identity, consisting of mission, vision and value statements.
  2. External Strategic Direction, identifying health goals and program strategies that will impact on the underlying factors that influence health and health behaviours in order to achieve key health outcomes;
  3. Internal Strategic Direction, identifying key accountability, transparency and organizational goals and strategies that are necessary to achieve organizational excellence.

Health Unit Identity

Mission and Vision Statements

The Health Unit’s vision for the future is “healthy people in healthy communities.”

Our mission statement is “to promote and protect the health of people who live, learn, work and play in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark, through public health leadership, services, communication and community collaboration”.

Organizational Vision and Values

The Health Unit’s internal vision is “organizational excellence”. We have adopted the following value statements to guide the behaviour of all of our staff in the delivery of programs and services, as well as the internal functioning of the Health Unit:

  • Integrity: To act ethically, honestly, and reliably.
  • Respect: To interact with professionalism and sincerity, with our diverse community.
  • Caring: To serve with compassion, dedication and empathy.
  • Accountability: To accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • Fairness: To challenge injustice and inequity, by acting with courage and reason.
  • Quality: To strive for excellence through continuous learning and improvement.
  • Client-Centred Service: To deliver responsive, accessible, and effective programs and services, in collaboration with our community.
  • Healthy Workplace Environment: To create an organizational culture that supports professional growth, while maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

External Strategic Direction

Four Health Goals have been identified within the 2013–2018 Strategic Plan, and they will provide direction for all program work done within the Health Unit:

  • Goal #1: Healthy Infant/Child/Youth Growth and Development
  • Goal #2: Healthy Living for all Residents
  • Goal #3:  Health Equity within the Population
  • Goal #4: Healthy Environments

Internal Strategic Direction

Using Excellence Canada’s Framework for Excellence as a foundation, we have set organizational goals and strategies have been structured around six quality drivers.

  • Leadership Driver – Effective, responsive leadership team.
  • Planning Driver – Public health planning and practice that responds efficiently and effectively to current and evolving conditions.
  • Client Driver – Clients and community satisfied with and engaged in programs and services, and the public aware of the important contribution of public health.
  • People Driver – Workplace that supports wellness and strengthens the capacity of our workforce.
  • Process Driver – Consistent, effective management of key organizational processes.
  • Partner Driver – Increased community capacity through strategically aligned collaborative partnerships.

The Ministry of Health and Long-term care has made accountability and transparency a priority for public health in Ontario. As such, the Health has set goals for accountability and transparency:

  • Effective and efficient programs and services
  • Transparent decision Making and public access to information


The key components of the strategic plan have been put into a schema. The shape of the schema emphasizes that the work of the Health Unit is interconnected and fluid. Dashed lines have been used between various components to represent the flow between program, accountability and organizational goals and strategies.Schema Diagram